SD Team

We come at this realm from many different angles. Our team consists of a wide-ranging group of people, some professionals with decades of experience on Wall Street, others in academia and still more in the arts and the humanities. The team works on, advises on, independently contracts and mentors — and ranges from the saintly to the booze addled, from the felonious to the wondrous, from the Oscar-nominated to the forlorn life as an adjunct. All make a sincere contribution to the success of our mission.

Colter Langan
Mr. Langan is a broadcaster, writer, and actor living in Bozeman, Montana. He attended Montana State University with an emphasis on Media and Theater Arts and English. Since coming to work for SystemDisrupt he has worked extensively on cases involving the Senator Mike Rounds/EB-5 scandal in the state of South Dakota in 2014, as well as the 9th Circuit Judge Richard Cebull racist email case in the state of Montana. He also has been working on analysis of the Pickett vs. Tyson (2004) case in the Meat Packing industry. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of communications and public service advocacy, as well as research inherent to these avenues of personal justice.

Kevin Crawford
Through no fault of his own, without his permission, and against his better judgement, Kevin C. Crawford was born on the Southside of Chicago, in the baddest part of town.  Eventually moving to Montana in 1978 to pursue a career as a dental-floss tycoon, he woke up one day to instead find himself being educated at Montana State University, where he earned a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology in 2005 (approximately his current age).  He has been politically active since the ‘60s--with a lifelong preference for advocating for the proletariat over the ubermensch--and specializes in researching the social-psychological causes and outcomes of stereotyping as it relates to discrimination in the workplace. His thesis, “Gender Types of Leadership Behaviors: Social Metacognitive Evidence” was published in Psychology and Social Behavior Research, 1, 9-17.  He taught college-level Psychology at MSU, and is currently employed as a Freelance Research Assistant and part-time handyman.  He hopes to “marry upwards” at some point and, towards that goal, has taught himself to enjoy martinis and single-malt scotches.

Stephanie Lair
Born and raised in Boulder, CO, Stephanie made the move to Bozeman in 2013 to pursue her Bachelors in Business Finance followed by a Masters in Accounting. A true math nerd at heart, she comes complete with pi tattooed on her arm.
Since joining the SDV team she has contributed to press releases for The California Civil Rights Justice Group for our work with a 1st Amendment case regarding racist emails sent from former Federal Judge Richard Cebull. Stephanie has also conducted extensive research and report writing on the CRE superbug outbreaks linked to the Olympus Medical Systems duodenoscope, and is now taking on more work for Native American advocacy, pharmaceutical pay-to-delay cases, and parsing through proxy documents related to half-billion dollar mergers.
She is an avid snowboarder, Harley rider, foodie, music lover, and beer, wine, and spirits enthusiast. She has a found a home here in Bozeman with the outdoors and community. She also works with a non-profit as an in-home caregiver. We even appreciate her moments of OCD as it does come in handy.

Tanner Kemp
Tanner Kemp is the new local SystemDisrupt intern.  The internship completes his English Writing Degree from Montana State University.  He was born in Denver and attended high school in Minnesota.  Although Tanner has not resided in the “professional” world, he is learning the ropes.  Kemp enjoys the outdoors thoroughly, and cares deeply about the treatment and health of land and water.  He also carries a passion for music and plays in a local band, CRNLRD.

Lisa Boylan
Lisa Boylan comes to System Disrupt after 20 years in the Hospitality Sales, Marketing and Management field. A 4th generation Bozeman native, Lisa is an avid Montana history buff and spends much of her free time navigating the back roads and small towns of the state.  When not touring, she enjoys partaking in the cultural side of Bozeman and is a member of the local Opera and Symphony organizations. She is also a Guardian Ad Litem with CASA, and a volunteer with No Child Hungry. Since joining Sysdisrupt, Lisa has contributed to the work for Native American Prisoner’s religious rights, Mineral rights and abuses on the reservations, the Judge Cebull racist/bigoted email scandal, Meat Packers Anti-trust case, and Pharmaceutical monopoly cases

Mike Lair
Mike heads up, and only works our volunteer and Pro Bono work – which is a full 25% of the entire SDV capacity. He focuses on Civil Rights, Civil Justice and Mass Incarceration in America. Technology reached out and grabbed Mike by the ass in 1976, as a high school teacher turned him onto what was then a fledgling computer industry. From that day on, he has used technology to advance whatever position he was working at, on a career path of over 30 years, that has highlights as tall as the highest building in New York City, and a share of lows, teaching lasting lessons. Undaunted, he forges ahead.

In 1994, after a five-year stint as CEO of a multinational healthcare tech company, he stumbled on what is his true genetic profile: due diligence for entertainment, business, and litigations. While DD for B & L is as dry and boring a label as you could possibly imagine, it does sum it up well. A less erudite description is that when an investor wants to purchase stock in a company or investigate a company’s assets or liabilities, he was the one who is boots on the ground, on-site, doing the research. When he told people what he did, the immediate response he got was, “so you’re a lawyer?” or “you’re an investigator?” To each he quickly replied with a resounding, “Hell no!” — This team are merely, for lack of a more appropriate term, simply a group of research paralegals.